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imagesCAUWH7LAFew, however, dressed more creatively than Nancy. The turbans and scarves she customized in the early 1920s, the geometric fabrics she commissioned from the artist Sonia Delaunay, the enormous African earrings and ivory bangles she began wearing in the mid-1920’s, all looked astonishing on her and were seized upon by journalists as a possible start of a trend.

– Judith Mackrall speaking of the author, socialite and political activist Nancy Cunard (1896-1965) in her book Flappers: Six Women of a Dangerous Generation (Farrar Straus, & Giroux).


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What was the number one fashion question searched on Google in 2014?

How to wear a scarf.

Others included:

  • What to wear to a wedding.
  • What to wear on an interview.
  • What to wear on a first date.
  • What to wear to a concert.
  • How to wear a beanie
  • What to wear with legging.
  • How to wear ankle boots.
  • How to wear a maxi skirt.
  • What color matches brown.

Hmm … matches brown or goes with brown? My favorite color with brown is a mauve-pink – like dark chocolate and strawberry ice cream.

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Don we now our gay apparel.

Wishing OverDressed for Life readers a super stylin’ holiday.

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I hope one of the other 80 fur coats was a better fit for John.

One Christmas Eve back in the late 70s when John Lennon and Yoko Ono called New York City home, Yoko rang the fur salon at Bergdorf Goodman and got the manager, John Cohen. She asked if he would,  “… come over to the apartment tonight because John wants to buy some furs for me.”

Since it had been a slow season for fur and this was a celebrity request, Mr. Goodman told Mr. Cohen to oblige the lady. So, he and an assistant carted over several chests of furs and for over two hours Yoko pulled out coat after coat saying to John, “This is for my sister and this is good for you and …” The couple bought close to 80 fur coats. EIGHTY coats for a grand total of over $400,000. Imagine all the people (and animals) who could have benefited from that kind of money.

Mr. Cohen ended the story by saying this had never been done before and that night he slept very well. It was a Merry Christmas after all, for some.

This is one of many interesting tales recounted in the documentary film, Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s by Matthew Miele. Bergdorf Goodman is an iconic NYC luxury department store known for the best in merchandise and excellent personal shopper services.



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It wouldn’t be the holidays without sneaking into Mom’s Closet. Click here and check it out.

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Commercial constraints, as well as the frenetic pace of collections, don’t leave any freedom nor the necessary time to find fresh ideas and to innovate.

– fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier. In September Mr. Gaultier announced that he was giving up his men’s and women’s ready-to-wear lines so he can devote more time and energy to couture.


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Image courtesy of Powerhouse Books.

Image courtesy of Powerhouse Books.

Just published is a unique fashion book by Brooklyn artist Jennifer Williams, What My Daughter Wore (Powerhouse Books).

Like many a tween girl Ms. Williams’ daughter, Clementine, began playing with fashion. Inspired by the creativity, Ms. Williams began illustrating Clementine and some of her friends. Soon after she started a blog, which in 2013 was named by Time magazine one of the 25 Best Blogs. Like all popular blogs it’s now a book.

I remember fondly my own young years tiptoeing into fashion. It’s a specific period of style exploration when we can get away with just about anything (that’s still tasteful) from playful irony to political statement. Ms. Williams captures this moment in time, which is never the same generation to generation.

What My Daughter Wore is an interesting peek into modern young style, a good addition to any library of fashion history, and a fun mother-daughter read. (Moms may get nostalgic and daughters may get inspired.)



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imagesI never think the clothes should take over the person. The clothes should support the person and help her find her own style.

– Eileen Fisher, women’s clothing designer.

Known for comfortable and chic designs, Ms. Fisher celebrates 30 years in the business.

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One of my favorite holiday treats is a visit to Theatre of Dreams, a small locally owned shop in the cozy town of Port Costa.

IMG_0948Walking into Theatre of Dreams really is a dreamy experience, glancing every which way to delight the eyes with sparkle ornaments, boxes, cones, and other trinkets all handmade by artist Wendy Addison.

IMG_0940Ms. Addison uses antique and vintage materials such as paper, fabric, glitter, and ribbon to create unique gift items. She has developed her own style recognized by Victoria magazine and Martha Stewart.

IMG_0929Next door to Theatre of Dreams I was happy to find another unique shop – The Hat Shop and Haberdashery. Small and charmingly old with a chill in the air and creaky floors this establishment stocks men’s top hats, bowlers, and caps as well as an impressive selection of plaid shirts. (I love a fella in a plaid shirt.) In addition are ladies headdresses and jewelry made from antique buttons and other found objects by Artist Lee Kobus.
Down the street a few other vendors have set up a small outdoor market for the holidays. Theatre of Dreams is located at 11 Canyon Drive in Port Costa and open special holiday hours – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday December 5-7. Friday and Saturday December 12 and 13 and again the next week, December 19 and 20. 10am to 5pm each day.


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Stella McCartney was presented with an OBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.

Stella McCartney accepts her OBE award presented by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.

It’s interesting the fear that fashion can push into people. It’s not supposed to make you feel bad and paranoid. It’s supposed to encourage you to feel great and reflect who you are.

– Stella McCartney, women’s (vegan) fashion designer.

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