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Christie Mellor 2012 250-thumb-250x310-5209Vintage accessories are a great way to spice up your wardrobe. Without looking like you’re heading to a theme party, you can add interest to an ordinary outfit – a handbag here, a scarf there. Maybe just the jacket from from a vintage suit coupled with a pair of modern slim pants; or a unique hat to wear with a contemporary sundress.

– Christie Mellor, artist and author of You Look Fine, Really (William Morrow, 2010)

I completely agree with Ms. Mellor. Combining vintage with modern clothing shows a sense of adventure and creates a unique look. I also like to add antique and vintage jewelry to my outfits. Bakelite brooches, Victorian rings, American Indian bracelets – what fun to mix eras, metals, and gemstones by color or style. It’s fun to play around and decide what works and what doesn’t.




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