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One of the assignments in the fashion history class I recently completed was to find historical fashion references in current fashion. In magazines I looked for examples covering ancient clothing to the 20th century and matched with historical images from books, plus I had to write a comment.

This week: The Falling Collar




This blouse by Alberta Ferretti has a lace collar that extends over the shoulder, reminiscent of the 17th Century Falling Collar. Men’s fashions during this time were far more ostentatious that women’s. They loved their embellishments and the more the better – lace, bows, panes, and slashes, layers, wigs, gloves.


A close-up of the lace Falling Collar.

By this time Trunk Hose are out and Breeches are in. Dublets are still worn and attached to the Breeches by hook and eye, rather than points (or laces). The Falling Collar has replaced the Ruff. Boots and large brimmed hats adorned with ostrich feathers round out the overall look.

Let’s hear it for the men of the 17th century!

Want more? Check back next week.

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