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Custom made coat in progress. Faux braodtail fur will be added to the collar.

The July issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine covers what’s up for fall, including Statement Coats. Houses such as Alexander Wang, Dior, and Nina Ricci are showing big silhouettes in bold colors for fall/winter outerwear.  

1920s Day Coat from the book, The 1920s by John Peacock.

Well, I got my own Statement Coat in the works and it’s sayin’ 1920s.

Designer Theresa LaQuey has been building a coat for me based on a 1920s version I found in John Peacock’s fashion book The 1920s. The fabric is a lovely Italian tweed from Stonemountain and Daughter. The collar will be covered with faux broadtail fur which comes from a vintage stole my mother gave to me. In fact, this custom-made coat was all her idea.  

If you’re a regular reader of Over Dressed for Life, you know I believe we get the most for our money with custom-made. For as much or less than we would pay for designer ready-to-wear, we get better quality and a better fit which means the best look. Plus, supporting local designers is a very good thing.

There’s no instant gratification, but  I learned a lot from watching the piece develop. It’s been great fun choosing the fabric and consulting with Theresa on what kind of pockets I want, where the hem should hit, and pondering plain lining or wild. Having such control is great and of course I love the fact that this coat is one-of-a-kind.

Check back soon for a peek at the finished product.

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