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Claudia Schiffer, the Guess Girl of the 1980s.

… the new generation doesn’t have that much loyalty about anything. They change their minds so fast, they have zero focus on loyalty – except if it’s a pair of shoes that are very comfortable, and a handbag that will be special. Because of the availability of so much product makes almost everything less interesting, they want to be different. So they buy vintage pieces. So we go back to square one and create things that people have not seen for the last 25 years. We come full circle.

– Paul Marciano, co-founder of Guess.

Guess is celebrating 35 years!

The story goes that Mr. Marciano and his brothers ran a fleet of successful stores in France when in 1977 they vacationed to Los Angeles. Who knew that the four gentlemen would fall head over heels in love with the LA vibe. But they did and relocated, pronto! They opened up a shop in Beverly Hills featuring their now iconic “Marilyn” designer jean style – tapered, stone-washed, with ankle zipper. Their jeans became the 80s Must Have.

Now 35 years later the brand is revisiting their history with the Originals 1981 Collection. Designer/rapper A$AP Rocky and Mr. Marciano’s 22-year old son, Nicolai work together on the vintage-inspired collection.

As for Mr. Marciano’s point about Millennials’ lack of brand loyalty,  from what I read in WWD and elsewhere it’s quite true and posing a challenge for designers, brands, and retail.

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