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The country was outraged last week when it became known that Ralph Lauren’s U.S. Olympic uniforms were made in China. This past weekend the company released a statement promising that the 2014 Winter Olympics uniform (also a RL design) will be made in America.

Following the scandal, the Olympic Committee announced that it intends to change its policy requiring that all U.S. Olympic uniforms be made in America.

But Americans are calling for a change right now with the current summer uniforms and clothing manufacturers around the country are stepping up to the plate claiming they can meet the two-week deadline. From the polo shirts to the slacks to the scarves, American clothing manufacturers are saying, “Yes we can!”

Loggerhead Apparel in Greenville, South Carolina, American Giant in San Francisco, CADET in Brooklyn and many more manufacturers have made it clear that they would be proud to supply the U.S.A. Olympic Team with uniforms sporting a Made in America label.

Image courtesy of Liscaro Scarves.

Among the enthusiasts is Lisa Devereaux, owner of Liscaro Scarves in Arlington, Texas. Ms. Devereaux contacted ABC World News With Diane Sawyer, who reported on the story, to say there is still time to make the scarves. “We want to make them right here, and NOW. We can meet the deadline.”

Ms. Devereaux says, “I wrote to ABC and said we would be honored to offer our scarves to the U.S. athletes for the Olympic games. Now it is in the hands of the United States Olympic Committee if they will allow us to move forward. If not for the 2012 games, then we will gladly provide our scarves for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, to ensure that our athletes are clothed in American-Made apparel.”

Way to go, America! Take note Ralph Lauren and all the other fashion corporate brands out there: Clothing manufacturers still exist in the United States and they are ready for business. Hire them!

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