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The American Craft Council Show is the number one place to find quality hand crafted wearable and decorative arts. A juried show, only the best craftspeople get in. Every August 230 artists come to San Francisco from around the country to sell their wares at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavillion. This year’s show took place August 3-5 and as usual offered great fun and fashion inspiration.

My top picks include:

Adrienne Leifer Jewelry. Adrienne makes one-of-a-kind enamel pendants. A local from San Francisco, Ms. Leifer keeps her display simple showing just the pendants in all their colorful glory. Enamel is a favorite of mine and I like these in particular because Ms. Leifer’s star and flower motifs along with her use of bold colors reminds me of the jewelry from the Art Nouveau period.

Nika Design. Walking down one of the aisles, I noticed a bit of a buzz going on in one booth so I stopped to peek in. A woman was trying on one of Veronika Braslavsky’s felted dresses. These dresses are intriguing on a hanger, but to see one on somebody demands a double take. It’s the texture and architecture of Ms. Braslavsky’s pieces that attract me. Not to mention the uniqueness. I can see one of the ladies from Advanced Style sporting one of these. No accessories necessary just don the dress and perhaps a simple hat and prepare for lots of positive attention.

Kiss of the Wolf. Hey, full disclosure …  this is family! Lori Bacigalupi is my sister-in-law. An artist as well as a fabric and clothing designer, Lori has been doing the ACC shows for years and she makes it onto everyone’s Top Picks List. She and the Kiss of the Wolf staff design jackets, blouses, skirts and pants using hand painted and screen print fabrics in silk, organza, and felted wool. All of it intended to mix and match creating multiple tres chic outfits.

Miss Fitt: Hats and scarves and mittens by Wendy Allen. OK, I admit that I don’t NEED another hat, but what’s that got to do with it? I spotted a booth brimming with felted hats and my partner, Richard, pointed out this lovely winter white cloche with the most spectacular green leaf climbing over one side. He picked it up and I tried it on and in one magical moment I knew it was a must! Everyone in the booth said so and even Richard, who thinks I don’t NEED anymore hats had to admit it’s a winner. You bet I’ve got big plans for my new hat … it’s traveling to the UK with me this autumn.

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