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Oscar de la Renta commemorative postage stamps. 

When I was in college I worked part time in a neighborhood dance wear and accessories shop. Ingeborg, the German-born owner of the shop, was a stern boss but she was a good businesswoman, had an discerning eye for quality, and could be very generous to her employees.

I learned about a lot of different things from Ingeborg, including the attraction of a postage stamp. Among my tasks each morning was a walk to the bank and sometimes the post office, where I was to buy commemorative stamps only. Commemorative stamps? I had no idea.

Commemorative stamps are limited edition postage stamps that honor a person, place, or event. There are perhaps a dozen or so to choose from at any one time. Like miniature pieces of art they are always more interesting than the usual stamp and brighten up any envelope. Ingeborg didn’t ever say she wanted a particular stamp, she left it up to me to choose. So this is something I have been doing (and enjoying) a long time; at first for her and now for myself. Like Ingeborg, I only buy commemorative.

02-oscar-de-la-renta-stampsEarlier this year I read in WWD that there was to be a stamp commemorating the late and beloved American fashion designer Oscar de la Renta. The stamp was two years in the making and finally released on February 16th 2017. To celebrate, the fashion house hosted a release ceremony with formidable speakers Vogue editor Anna Wintour and Hillary Clinton, who was a good friend of Mr. de la Renta and the man who designed her original pantsuits.

(In her speech that day, Mrs. Clinton reminded the audience that Mr. de la Renta was an immigrant from the Dominican Republic. “And let there be many, many, more immigrants with the love of America that Oscar de la Renta exemplified every single day,” she said to a reported thunderous applause. He became a US citizen in 1969.)

You bet I was excited to make my way to the post office and get the fashionable commemorative stamp. They’re so lovely.

Thanks Ingeborg, wherever you may be, for gifting me with a lifelong appreciation of a postage stamp.

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Get fashionable. Be fashionable. Stay fashionable.


Have your say on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.


Vogue editor Anna Wintour sporting a Marc Jacobs Hillary t-shirt at the recent NYC fashion shows.






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september-issue-poster-12-10-11I think what I often see is that people are frightened of fashion. Because it scares them or makes them feel insecure they put it down. On the whole, people that say demeaning things about our world, I think usually because they feel excluded … so as a result they just mock it.

– Anna Wintour, editor Vogue magazine, artistic director of Condé Nast, speaking in the 2007 documentary film, The September Issue.

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Fashion’s Night Out is the gateway to the season.

Clothing designer Isaac Mizrahi.

We have a new fall fashion tradition and it’s called Fashion’s Night Out. Now in its fourth year, FNO was created by Vogue editor Anna Wintour to support the fashion industry, or put another way – to push sales. This year’s spectacle event is set for Thursday, September 6th.

Initially FNO was a one night fashion sales frenzy in Manhattan but it has quickly spread across the globe as big city retailers sign on. To participate shops must apply and fork out $250 and make all kinds of promises including to sell merchandise at full price.

In Manhattan, designers as well as artists, models, and Anna Wintour herself will add a touch of glamour to the night as they hop around town appearing at shops large and small. Word is that this year “The Biebs” will show up somewhere in the city. Similar scenarios will take place around the country and the world including Brazil, Russia, and Turkey.

I’m conflicted about FNO. It does sound like fun and I’m all for supporting the fashion industry, but I don’t care for the heavy commercialism surrounding this event. (Interestingly, I read last year in Women’s Wear Daily that sales were not strong. People came out to spot celebrities but kept a tight grip on their money.)

Personally, I’d prefer a night of just fashion: Events such as lectures on great designers of the past; talks on how to put an outfit together; perhaps a designer Q&A panel. The industry could afford to invest in a little education and inspiration and actually, that might have better returns in the long run.

Wow! I like this idea. Anna, are you listening?

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Fashion designers are using their talent and high-profile names to support Obama-Biden in 2012. Tory Burch, Marc Jocobs, and Rachel Roy among others have designed merchandise to raise funds for the reelection campaign. Available  for purchase on runwaytowin.com are t-shirts, totes, scarves, and wristlets all USA made. 

Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour was one of the powerful forces in assembling the needed designers. A major Democratic Party supporter, Wintour has helped raise over $500,000 for Obama’s reelection campaign.

In 2008 I sported a tote with a rendering of Obama done by Oakland artist Barbara Sandidge. I also proudly wore my Redheads for Obama badge. It was empowering to show off my support for Obama and I plan to do so again this year. I am particularly excited that the runwaytowin merchandise is made in America. Besides that, I believe campaign materials are highly collectible.

Right now the merchandise is available to view and preorder. Are you ready to pair your vote with your fashion?

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