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IMG_20190828_123730It used to be about logo, logo, logo, big name, big name, big name. Now people can easily wear a t-shirt from Zara holding a Louis Vuitton bag. 

Xia Ding, President of the Chinese online retailer, JD.com.

Oh gosh, the whole logo thing. In doing some research on Louis Vuitton and Chanel handbags, I discovered that there are serious collectors out there. Women who buy logo bag after logo bag, wallets, pouches, and apparently LV and Chanel maintain their value while some of the others do not. I watched a few videos of women discussing what to look for in the secondhand market. To see how much these women own was kind of off-putting.  OK, one or two but dozens? We’re talking a lot of money and these women don’t look like Rockefellers.

Personally I like an understated quality handbag that doesn’t scream brand or designer. I’m always switching out my handbags, which vary in size and style. I have a small vintage collection that I use on certain occasions. I do own one well known brand, Coach. I like the older styles that echo Bonnie Cashin’s designs. There are four in my closet, all from the 1990s and none have the Coach logo. One was a gift from my bother. One was a find at TJ Maxx at half the retail price, and another my mother picked up at a thrift store. Then there is the really special Coach bag that I saved up for and bought myself. I appreciate and use each one and I have no desire for another.

To each her own … that’s what makes fashion and style so fascinating.




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Claire E. (second from the right) and her models.

Claire E. (second from the right) and her models.

Congratulations to Collector’s Choice Antiques in Lafayette on another fabulous fashion show. Styled by Claire E. and Eileen Tong, the show celebrated the Lunar New Year (year of the snake) and featured Chinese style dresses, suits, jackets as well as some beautiful antique Chinese robes.

I tip my hat to Claire on her stylish eye for pairing traditional Asian silhouettes with vintage hats. This combination is a real winner in shifting specific looks to more universal outfits suitable for any dressy occasion.

chineseshow 015Eileen stayed simple styling her robes with long beads in jade or carved ivory and heels or black satin slippers. What struck me is how outstanding these ensembles would be at the opening night of the San Francisco opera or symphony. I say there’s no need for designer duds when one could sport a one-of-a-kind antique Chinese robe.

Collector’s Choice Antiques puts on the most charming fashion shows and lucky for us there’s another in the works scheduled for Sunday, April 14, 2013. The fun starts at 1pm.

Collector’s Choice Antiques is located at 3574 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Lafayette. Questions? Give them a call – 925-299-9400.

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