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untitledIt’s time to burn the beret and bury the blue dress.

– Monica Lewinsky, Former Clinton White House intern.

When the Clinton/Lewinsky sex scandal caught our attention in 1998 and photos of Ms. Lewinsky sporting a black beret were plastered just about everywhere, I thought: “Well, that’s it for the beret. No one is ever going to want to be seen in one of those again.” But not so.

After maybe a year, the simple chapeau returned completely unscathed. I’m impressed with its resilience and I’m also thoroughly convinced it’s here to stay. I know I love mine for its chic factor and versatility. Milliner Stephen Jones once said, “The beret is the t-shirt of hats.”

Ms. Lewinsky you go ahead and burn that beret, who can blame you? But the rest of us will continue to don ours, thank you.

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Stephen Jones berets. Photo used by permission from Linda McLean.

 The beret is the t-shirt of hats.

– Milliner, Stephen Jones

Quite true. A black beret is my go-to hat. Berets always look sharp and can pop up an otherwise bland outfit. Plus they’re warm and easy to slip into a suitcase or handbag.

Berets are even better when adorned with a little something. I had a dream once in which I was searching for a tassel to sew on my black beret. In my waking life I thought that was a darn good idea, so I found a tassel and promptly started sewing. On another beret from my collection, I sewed black cut-glass Victorian buttons. One can get very creative when embellishing a beret.  

Stephen Jones says berets look good on everyone. He should know, he’s one of Britain’s top milliners. In 2009 he co-curated the exhibition, Hats: An Anthology for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

Vive le beret!

(A special thank you to blogger Linda McLean for allowing Over Dressed for Life to use the above photo.)

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