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Tatum O'Neal won Best Support Actress in 1974 for her portrayal in Paper Moon.

Tatum O’Neal won Best Supporting Actress in 1974 for her performance in Paper Moon.

I’m a big believer that style is important, and I have been in love with fashion my entire life. What you wear is who you are, I’m afraid, and I’ve believed that from the time I wore a tuxedo to the Oscars at age 10.

– Tatum O’Neal, American actress.

Ms. O’Neal is the youngest actress ever to receive an Academy Award and at ten-years-old she was also very into fashion. She says she was inspired by Bianca Jagger, her dad’s (Ryan O’Neal) girlfriend at the time. Ms. Jagger sported suits with boots and a cane, which young O’Neal thought was super cool and so, she did something similar for the Academy Awards.

What a charming story.


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