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Festive satin lounge wear lifts my spirits as does the sparkly ring I have on.

Changing out of street clothes after I return home is something that I’ve always done, for a couple of reasons. One – it’s more comfortable. Two – I find it keeps my nice street clothes nice.

So, I have a small wardrobe of “at home attire.” It’s comprised of comfy cotton flannel pants, long sleeve t-shirts, and reassigned sweaters that are a bit tattered. I also have some pajama style lounge-wear and I usually top everything with a scarf or shawl.

In warmer weather I sport skirts with short-sleeve t-shirts, or I have a selection of simple cotton dresses. Even at home, it feels better to be “put together.” Lately, I’ve also been wearing my jewelry. What the heck – I have it, I like, I wear it!

Now that most of us around the globe are staying home, we’re probably not dressing. Perhaps even staying in our pajamas. Isn’t that kind of depressing? It helps to change into something different every day and show up at our home offices, laptops, or Zoom meetings looking our best under stressful circumstances.


Michael Beller, Library Manager at Orinda Library, looking dapper while  working from home.

Librarian Michael Beller is doing just that. Working from home, he says that if he’s in a phone meeting or doing chat, he’s sporting his signature bow tie. “Even if they can’t see me, I feel more professional.”

I like that!

Remember, Keep Calm and Keep Your Distance. 


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Jessie-Tyler-Ferguson-Bow-Tie-OrganizationI always get annoyed when I’m told what I have to wear to a restaurant, but I do miss the days when people got dressed up to go to the theater or get on an airplane. There’s something nice about dressing formally to show respect for these fine dining establishments that have become institutions.

– Jesse Tyler Ferguson, American actor (TV sitcom Modern Family) and designer of bow ties. Mr. Ferguson is also opening a one-man show on Broadway called Fully Committed.

I miss those days too, but I don’t let the drop in standards interfere with my personal dress code. I’m pretty much overdressed, relatively speaking, all the time.

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imagesCAK0KA4EI chose the bow ties because I couldn’t find anything that I liked and I just wanted to look good and feel good … so I asked my grandma if she’d teach me to sew and then I just started wearing them.

– Moziah Bridges (12-years-old) – designer and CEO of Mo’s Bows.

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