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Photo courtesy of Leslie Gallin.

Bows are dominating much of fashion – just look at recent Golden Globes gowns worn by Jennifer Lopez and Scarlett Johansson. Always a chic classic, they are adorning shoes as well. A good bow can take you anywhere – a wedding, the beach, a business meeting and more.

Leslie Gallin, President of Footwear at Informa.

Bows make me think of the Georgian Period in British history (1714-1830). The Georgians loved the bow motif and it was often used in jewelry design and in architectural detail.

I wonder if bows aren’t the end of the current fashion story. Hitting the small screen is the unfinished Jane Austen novel Sanditon on PBS Masterpiece and yet another version of Emma is coming out on the big screen in February 2020. (Technically Austen was in the Regency Period, 1790-1820.) Might we see other late Georgian motifs in current fashion?  A return of the Empire Waist? Puffy short sleeves? The spencer? (Short jacket worn by both men and women. The spencer for women ended just under the bosom.) I have already spotted a few Austen inspired looks in fashion magazines. We shall see.

For now, check ODFL on Wednesday to read a fun and informative Q&A with Leslie Gallin – it’s all about shoes!

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