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I think what really catches my fancy is the odd oval among the circles.

My friend, Sarah Durling (The Buttonist) makes stunning jewelry from antique and vintage buttons.

For a couple of years I had been perusing and pondering Sarah’s bracelets and although I tried on the smaller ones it was the large chunky ones that called out to me. Still, nothing seemed quite right … until now.

This last holiday season I found it! Large black and gray cut glass buttons set in sterling silver make my kind of elegant statement. Sarah told me that the buttons are a combination of Victorian and 1940s, which is apropos given that I like to mix eras. Additionally, she had just taken the bracelet out from the archives. (A little reminder that everything is timing.) One removed link and it fits my small wrist as if made just for me.

Sarah has been in business making jewelry out of buttons since 1996 and now has quite a following here and in England where she lives. Women collect her bracelets and wear several at a time creating their own signature look. In an article I wrote for Vintage Life about collecting buttons Sarah said, “Removing buttons from dusty boxes and drawers into a light where they can be seen is one of the greatest pleasures of what I do.”


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