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IMG_20160517_145333Congratulations to Carlota Caulfield on the publication of her fashion memoir, Fashionable: A Poet’s Passion for Style (Ediciones Torremozas, S.L., 2016).

Carlota, poet and professor at Mills College in Oakland, CA is a woman of distinctive style. I know her from my days working in the library at Mills. I always enjoyed a visit from Carlota because she’s interesting to chat with and also because it was a treat to see her outfits.

With a touch of Berkeley sensibility mixed with European flair, Carlota creates unique, sophisticated looks for herself – often including layers, a hat, maybe a scarf and always the most intriguing shoes.

In Fashionable: A Poet’s Passion for Style we get a glimpse of Carlota’s sartorial past and present. She shares stories of her fondness for shoes, which started as a child growing up in Cuba, and why she feels hats are important – “A hat has the power to transform us.” She discusses perfume, pajamas, the LBD and many more topics of fashion all with a sense of fun and play.

A lovely and fashionable read.



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