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TShirtMakovers_CoverWe all love our t-shirts but sometimes they could use a little pop. To help us out, New York City based fashion designers, Carmia Marshall and Carmen Webber  (former Project Runway contestant) have just published a book with scads of DIY ideas for refashioning and refreshing the tee.

T-Shirt Makeovers: 20 Transformations for Fabulous Fashions (Glitterati Incorporated) includes instructions on how to take your comfy t-shirt and turn it into something super chic and fun.

Ms. Marshall and Ms. Webber open the book discussing:

  • body type and how to take your measurements
  • color and what works for different skin shades
  • and the various styles of t-shirts.

The writing duo also includes a very important chapter called Quick Tee Makeover Tips, which reminds us of some sewing basics such as ironing out wrinkles before getting started, the right and wrong sides of fabric, different pin types, and Cutting Rules.

“Once you cut, there’s no turning back! Cutting mistakes are costly and irreversible.”

IMG_0476Each set of instructions has a list of what you need and a difficulty level, from pretty easy with no sewing machine to challenging, like the Deep V-neck with Ruffled Sleeve Dress – a dress make of three oversized tees.  

I tried the Simple Scoop Top and had it done in an hour. I started by taking my measurements and plugged those into the instructions before doing any cutting. I found that part to be a little unclear so I suggest a choosing a practice tee. Once I got past the measurements it was easy going.

My favorite part of this particular design is the sleeves. I cut up the middle of each one and the tied extra fabric, cut from the bottom of the tee, into a bow at the top. This creates movement and style to what was once a dull cap sleeve.

IMG_0479In fact, it’s the reinvented sleeves that I like most about many of the designs by Ms. Marshall and Ms. Webber and in the Visual Glossary there are illustrations of various sleeve styles. What a handy guide just for general fashion knowledge!

I think refashioning t-shirts is a great way for beginner designers as well as novice seamstresses to let loose with the scissors and think creativity. T-Shirt Makeovers: 20 Transformations for Fabulous Fashions helps lead our way.




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