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Project-Runway-with-Christian-SirianoI think the whole idea is that now fashion is really about building a brand, a lifestyle, a head-to-toe look – hair, makeup, shoes, and accessories.

– Christian Siriano, fashion designer (2008 Project Runway winner).

Lifestyle Branding is a trend in corporate fashion. Brands such as Michael Kors, Kate Spade (BTW, the actual designer Kate Spade sold her company years ago) and Isaac Mizrahi, who also sold his name, are among the many offering merchandise from clothing and beauty items to bed linens and candles.

Lifestyle Branding saves customers from having to think too much by giving a cohesive look for all aspects of life. I can see the attraction for busy people who don’t have time, or perhaps don’t feel they know how, to put themselves and their homes together. Also, sporting a complete look by a brand could be like joining an exclusive community. I don’t know, do women who carry the ubiquitous MK handbag feel a sense of sisterhood when they spot one of their own?

Yes I understand all that, but personally, I think fashion is all about the creativity of not just the designer but the wearer and Lifestyle Branding takes that away, creating less individuality. People who are trying their own look, however imperfect the results, are much more interesting to watch.

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