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5405aa762ece9_cintra_wilsonI believe that way too many of our fashion statements pigeonhole us in ways that we may not realize. They make us look like we are in a certain tax bracket, at a certain level of intelligence. You’re labeling yourself every time you get dressed, literally. I think that you should make choices that derive from your own actual taste. Don’t run with the pack. Dressing in a manner that’s more extreme than your personality – forcing yourself to evolve into those boots or whatever – is a very effective way to do that. You have to get out of your comfort zone as much as you can stand it. Be that person you wish you were.

– Cintra Wilson, American cultural critic and writer.

This quote is from an interview with Gary Kamiya for San Francisco Magazine, March 2016.


I still have the album and still love it. Rock Lobster anyone?

Getting out of one’s sartorial comfort zone. What is more fun than that? I started experimenting with style when I was in high school. I was inspired by the band the B52s: baggy pants, bright colors, mixed with a bit of vintage such as a pair of 1960s snakeskin pumps. (Was 60s vintage in the early 80s?) Oh and the makeup – blue mascara was my fave.

That was just the beginning, although, I have lost touch with dressing more extreme than my personality … hmm …

Hey, Happy Spooks Day!


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