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Photo: Richard Aiello.

Photo: Richard Aiello.

I’m a big fan of aprons. I like the vintage quality to sporting an apron in the kitchen, I like the look of an apron, but most of all I appreciate the protection that an apron provides my clothes from flying bits of food.

There is a very interesting exhibit all about our friend the apron called Shakers & Bakers at the Clayton Historical Society in Clayton. Coordinated by Clayton resident Mary Spryer, the exhibit includes aprons from her grandmother’s collection as well as collections from other Clayton Historical Society members. The aprons are nicely displayed on mannequins  and hung around the Society’s museum, which is located in the old house belonging to Joel Clayton, the town’s founder.

Examples of all the various apron styles from the Pinafore in the 1900s to the Cobbler of the 1960s are shown as well as men’s working aprons, apron patterns, and lots of photos. Many are handmade with sweet detailing proving that a lady likes to be chic even in the kitchen.

Shakers and Bakers now through December 29, 2013, at the Clayton Historical Society, 6101 Main St., Clayton. Free, open Wednesdays & Sundays, 2-4.

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