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97CqAHCSkewVMFOioYZA_ocean-awards-winner-anne-pitcher-selfridges-1260x1760In recent years, the global retail landscape has become boring. There is very little to discover or explore in another country that you’ve not already seen online or in a store near you.

– Anne Pitcher, managing director of Selfridges department store, London.

I agree with Ms. Pitcher. I’ve noticed in my travels to the UK there is nothing unique to be found. It’s all the same stuff made in China and sold everywhere else including online. That is if you shop at department stores.

There is an alternative. Unique treasures abound at antique markets. I like the Covent Garden Antique Market held every Monday, where I find jewelry, silver, vintage clothing and accessories. Antiques not your thing? On the weekends the market offers locally made arts and crafts.

So it can be done … anywhere you travel, look for antique markets and locally owned shops that feature handmade merchandise.


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