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I used to give my mother manicures. I tried to make it fun by laying out a white linen towel and a pretty bowl of warm soapy water. She had her own manicure set, which I used and I always put on her favorite Michael Feinstein CD for uplifting background music.

Mom had beautiful hands and long tapered nails that were as hard as nails! She used to call them her tools and she’d say to me, “Don’t cut too short, I need those.” After I trimmed and filed her nails I’d push back her cuticles, but I hardly needed to do that. I was always so envious of her perfect and NOT dry cuticles. Mine were such a struggle to keep nice.

For years I looked for a good cuticle product – Burt’s Bees, Sally Hansen, coconut oil, baby oil – you name it I tried it and nothing worked. Miraculously I finally found Nail and Cuticle Oil made by my favorite all natural vegan beauty product company, 100% Pure. When I heard that they had just come out with a cuticle oil I was anxious to try it and I’m so glad that I did.

I think the magic ingredient is the extract from a Mediterranean plant known as Blue Tansy, which has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties. Combined with jojoba oil and vitamin E this is a winning combination for healthy nails and cuticles.

As part of my morning and evening routine, I swipe a little oil over each nail with the handy brush provided and massage into my cuticles. The scent is light and sweet and the oil itself is a pale green. Now my nails and cuticles are always in excellent shape just like my mom’s were.

(This is not a paid endorsement.)

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