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Margaret Thatcher’s power suits.


She was a big person on buttons because her mother, being a dressmaker, always taught her that good accessories count.

– Cynthia Crawford, assistant to Margaret Thatcher (1979-2013).

Some of Mrs. Thatcher’s belongings, including much of her wardrobe from her years as Prime Minister, are going up for auction. Handled by Christie’s, the sale is set for December 15, 2015 in London.

I’m big on buttons and accessories as well. Both can shift an outfit from drab to dramatic. This is particularly true when it comes to suits, which might be a little conservative/boring. However, sometimes there’s nothing more elegant or appropriate than a well-tailored suit punctuated with the right accessories such as a colorful scarf, a rakish hat, a stunning brooch, or distinctive buttons.

That goes for the fellas, too. The classic men’s suit can handle a twist of individuality in the form of a snazzy waistcoat, a pocket square, a patterned tie or, better yet, a bow tie. We love a gentleman bold enough to sport a bow tie!

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