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Breanna Bayba sporting her lovely button handbag. Photo: Richard Aiello.

Breanna Bayba sporting her lovely button handbag. Photo: Richard Aiello.

Getting together with the Art Deco Society crowd is always a treat for the eyes with everyone dressed in their vintage best. I particularly enjoy seeing creative combinations mixing decades and perhaps even adding one subtle modern piece.

At the recent Art Deco Society of California’s annual membership party (held at Schroeder’s Cafe in San Francisco) I spotted Breanna Bayba looking oh-so 20s chic in a simple drop-waist dress and scarf. What I admired most about her ensemble was a button-clad handbag.

IMG_2342Made of soft fabric, the handbag was covered with various shades of white mother-of-pearl buttons all sewn on by hand. The uniformity of button style keeps the look elegant and timeless, appropriate for a vintage party or a modern wedding.

Breanna told me the bag was a gift from her grandmother as she graciously turned it inside out indicating how easy it would be to make. Yes, but I say a lot of work! The buttons are precisely placed on both sides.

The use of buttons in this unexpected way gives a spark of individuality to Breanna’s outfit.

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