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The fashion industry has always been a reflection of what America is all about … inclusion and diversity. It will continue to stand by these standards. I am personally horrified to see what is going on.

– Diane von Furstenberg, Belgium-American fashion designer.

This quote is from an article in The Business of Fashion by Imran Amed.

For Mr. Amed’s article many fashion industry professionals were asked to comment on Trump’s recent executive order to halt the current refugee program and (temporarily) ban travelers from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States. Ms. von Furstenberg and Steven Kolb, chief executive of CFDA were the only ones willing to make a comment. Others declined to say one word.

Isn’t that rather odd considering the outrage expressed around the country and around the world? CEOs from Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, and Nike just to name a few, are all unafraid to take a public stand against Trump’s actions.

Why so quiet on the fashion front? I surmise that (assuming most designers actually disagree with Trump) they might be afraid to alienate Trump supporters, many of whom could be their customers. Let’s not forget that Kellyanne Conway was sporting Gucci at the inauguration. Brands such as Isaac Mizrahi and Lori Goldstein sell on QVC, a magnet for middle-of-the country shoppers. Also, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka is an influential member of the fashion biz.

It could be that designers and corporate brands are nervous about offending all the wrong people (customers and Trumps). If they say nothing, they’re safe.

But SAFE is not fashionable right now. SPEAKING UP is what’s trending.






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new-york-fashion-week-fall-winter-September-3-11-2014Runway shows are heading in two extremes. They’ll either be more spectacular and public, incorporating installations, music, film, dance theater, and other artistic and performance disciplines, or they will be small and modest encounters to really experience the clothes.

– Li Edelkoort, trend forecaster

Mercedes Benz New York City Fashion Week is coming up February 10th through February 18th, and behind the scenes there’s been a lot of buzz about the future of fashion shows.

As more and more of the public (folk not really in the biz such as bloggers and celebrities) infiltrate the shows, the traditional fashion show format designed for industry insiders is no longer working. Additionally fashion leaders are facing some challenges with the advent of Instagram and Facebook making show images immediate and consumers wanting merchandise NOW, not six months down the line.

Under consideration is opening up runway shows to the public. Fashion powerhouses such Diane von Furstenberg, board chairman of Council of Fashion Designers of America are batting around the idea of selling tickets to fashion shows. (Up until now it was invitation only.) Also in discussion is shaking up the schedule by forgoing the “season ahead” idea and making what’s currently shown available for purchase right away. In other words, change the focus of runway shows from the business of clothing to a form of entertainment and a venue for immediate sales. Kind of like a football game or the circus.

To continue to do their jobs buyers and magazine editors would view new designs in private, sticking to the season ahead schedule.

Given the craziness that has become Fashion Week, I think this is a great idea. Separate the two – designers can create spectacle shows and invite anyone willing to pay Broadway play prices, and people in the industry can get back to doing their jobs in a more paced and hopefully quiet manner.



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DVF-40th-CompositeI don’t pretend I do original things. Dresses aren’t creations. Since a dress was a dress, it had two sleeves and one skirt.

– Diane von Furstenberg in 1973.

She may not do original things, but she does original things to things – namely, the dress. This year Ms. von Furstenberg celebrates the 40th anniversary of her iconic wrap-dress. What was a wardrobe staple for every working woman in the 1970s has endured over the decades and become an American fashion classic.

Claire McCardell's Pop-over dress even came with an oven mitt.

Claire McCardell’s Pop-over dress even came with an oven mitt.

(Although, I’d like to point out that Claire McCardell designed the Pop-over dress in 1942, which was also a wrap. But that dress was intended more as a stylish pinafore that could be worn alone or over another ensemble for use at home doing the chores. It could be said that the Pop-over was the first wrap dress for working women and Ms. von Furstenberg designed a modern update.)

Usually made of  jersey, Ms. von Furstenberg’s wrap-dress creates a slinky, sexy look and was a favorite at Studio 54. Cybill Shepherd wore it in the 1976 film Taxi Driver and Amy Adams sports a vintage Wrap in American Hustle. Michelle Obama donned the dress for the family’s first Christmas card from the White House. Madonna says she puts on The Wrap whenever she wants to look respectable.

Ms. von Furstenberg admits that although she’s always been grateful to The Wrap for paying all her bills, for a long time she took it for granted. Until she realized, hey this really is something.

Part of the year-long celebrations includes an exhibit, Journey of a Dress, which runs through April 1, 2014 at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles.

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