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“No capes!” says Edna.

If one is going to an opening or a certain sort of social affair, a cape can work, I suppose. But if one is moving quickly in violent situations, a cape is beyond idiotic. My views on capes are well-known. Asking me about them is like asking Isadora Duncan how she felt about scarves. 

As told to Harper’s Bazaar by Edna Mode, stylist/fictional character appearing in Incredibles 2.

Hmm … capes do present a challenge, whether or not facing a spot of violence. Moving quickly is not possible, Ms. Mode is right about that.


No superhero saving the world in this cape.

I made a cape for myself  in 2016, inspired by ones I saw on a visit to the UK. Making the cape was its own unexpected difficulty but once finished I was eager to sport my new creation. I soon figured out that: 1. If you’re going to wear a cape outside of England plan on a lot of stares because Californians apparently don’t understand the look. 2. To pull it off you have to maintain a certain air of elegance. And 3. Consider your purse carefully. A small clutch or bag with a handle works best, as movement of arms is limited.

Perhaps capes aren’t the right choice for superheros but they’re super fun for us fashionable mortals.



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