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Fascinator with coquille feathers and Russian watch movement on crochet circle by Kai Joldeski.

Designer Kai Joldeski contacted me after she discovered my article on fascinators. We have much in common – she, a designer of fascinators and me, an admirer

Kai lives in Melbourne, Australia and is a self-taught artist who sells her wares on ETSY. She says she doesn’t feel complete if she hasn’t created something every day.

In addition to making fascinators, Kai is back at university studying Internet Communications. She agreed to do a little Q&A for just for you, readers.

How did you get started making fascinators and when? 

I have been making accessories (handbags, earrings, belts, scarves, bracelets, shoe clips and brooches) since I was a very young girl for myself and my friends. Fascinators were the next natural adventure. I started only this year with fascinators and set up at Etsy in April.

Do you make hats as well?

Occasionally I will make a hat, but I prefer fascinators as they can be worn to more occasions and destinations.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I like to design one-off pieces, so they are completely individual for the wearer. I enjoy the creative experience and put a great deal of effort into creating different kinds of headwear. I do incorporate the usual embellishments like feathers, fabric, and flowers and I usually include something different like crochet, as an embellishment in its own right. I might also add a rhinestone for that final point of interest. I do tend toward an asymmetrical design rather than symmetrical, as this allows further scope and interest to a piece. I rely on old-fashioned techniques in my work, such as hand stitching and crochet.

What is it about fascinators that’s so fascinating to women these days?

I think it is the accessibility and the ease of wear. A hat is worn for a specific occasion or a specific outfit, whilst a fascinator can be worn as an alternative to a hat on such formal occasions as a wedding. Indeed, a fascinator can be a casual item (as jewellery for the hair) and you can also wear a fascinator to work or even to the supermarket.

What’s hot in fascinators this fall?

I am influenced by the traditional browns and beiges in my fall series with a splash of black. Also, I’m working on a new Steampunk range.

Describe your customer. Who is she? What’s her style?

Someone that wants individuality – which is found with my one-of-a-kind pieces and for those who want something based on these fashions: Art Deco, Victorian, Steampunk, Individual.

Where do you get your design inspiration? 

Everywhere, really. Sometimes it’s just the shape of a feather, or a colour found in a fabric. Sometimes a design shapes itself based on what the crochet or other embellishment brings in the process.

If you were to design a fascinator for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge what would it be like?

Anything would look fabulous on Kate, but if I did have that privilege I would create something in red with my signature crochet embellishment, lots of curly nagorie (feather pad) and a statement feather of Lady Amherst (black & white) to finish it off.

Do you wear fascinators? What’s your fave?

I wear something every day, usually one of my combination pieces (hair clip and brooch in one) because of its duality and ease of wear. My favourite piece is this purple number (pictured right).

Thank you, Kai. Your work is truly unique and just the way we like it.

Get all the scoop on fascinators with Kai’s blog: http://fascinatings.wordpress.com/

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Shirtwaist dress with matching fascinator.

I’ve been hit with Fascinator Fever … ever since I saw Kate’s feather fascinator back in March. What’s a girl to do? Make one for herself.

At Lacis in Berkeley, I purchased a small round form. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but over time and pondering I decided to cover the form with extra fabric from my custom-made shirtwaist dress.  I simply cut out a round swatch and handsewed it to the form. Initially I was going to embellish it with a bow of the same material, but my mother suggested white flower clips instead. (She even bought them for me. Thanks Mom!) They are embellishment enough and secure the form to my hair.

I wore it for the first time the other day and wow, it’s really comfortable. I know why Kate favors fascinators –  no fuss. Not like a hat, which can be troublesome in the wind, flatten hair, and/or cause a headache. 

How about you? Do you have Fascinator Fever? Leave a comment and do tell.

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Catherine with an updo and William in tails. Courtesy of Getty Images.

I have been champing at the bit waiting for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge to sport an updo. Finally, at the Epsom Derby this past Saturday the Duchess pulled back her (too) long hair into a chic chignon.

Since wind is ever-present at royal events, I have wondered why Catherine hasn’t just pulled her hair up. Beyond that, I knew an updo would be a good look for her and hey, I was right.

Dressed for a formal occasion, the royal family turned up at the Epsom Downs Racecourse outside London in support of the Queen and her colt, Carlton House. He lost … so what. (I don’t support horseracing.)

Catherine was pure elegance dressed in a cream springtime suit. She strolled in taupe pumps and carried a matching clutch. A taupe woven fascinator with a curlycue on top added a bit of whimsy.

In complete contrast to Catherine are Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice. Courtesy of Getty Images.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were there too, looking … ah … well, like they usually do. (They remind me of the royals from the Georgian Period.)

The boys were dashing in top hats and tails and the Queen was pouty in pink after her colt came in third. Just goes to show, not even royalty get everything they want.

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Fascinator created by Sarah Padgham from a silk blouse. Photo: Richard Aiello.

This past weekend I attended St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda Artist-in-Residence Exhibition. SVDP offers local artists the opportunity to create art from unwanted donations. In 2009 they added fashion and the 2011 Fashion Artist-in-Residence is milliner Sarah Padgham. I was really impressed with what Sarah created out of old clothes.  

Click here to read my Examiner.com column on Sarah, her hats, and the exhibition.

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Kate's fascinator.

Well, you know that cute little hat number Kate Middleton sported on her first outing as princess-to-be? I called it a cocktail-style hat, but it is in fact a fascinator.

A fascinator is more of a hair adornment rather than a hat. Originally in the 1600s it was a simple cloth that covered a woman’s head. In recent times it has refashioned into elaborate head pieces, although still light in weight, worn to the side of the head with embellishments such as feathers and flowers. What makes a hat a hat, is a hat covers the crown.

Kate is bringing fascinators into vogue, with ladies asking and milliners supplying for weddings and garden parties. Fascinators just may be The Accessory for spring and summer 2011.

I like this fascinator idea. They’re lightweight and have a tremendous chic factor.  Good for weddings, parties, graduations, and other special occasions. What do you think? Are fascinators in your immediate future?

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