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women-in-clothes-cover-usAs a journalist in Cambodia, I have been interviewing garment workers about their lives for more than three years, but I never thought to interview them about what they wear, although I have often been struck by their de facto uniform: blue jeans, trucker hats, and screamingly bright T-shirts and hoodies in vivid shades of magenta or neon yellow, often accented with leopard print and rhinestones. It’s a far cry from the drab attire conjured by the phrase “garment worker.” I had always, perhaps naively, taken these colors as a way of asserting individuality in the face of the numbing repetitiveness of factory labor. But this turned out to be only a minor concern in the complicated calculus of dressing oneself on a salary of around $80 a month.

– Julia Wallace, Journalist and contributor to the book Women in Clothes (Blue Rider Press, 2014).

Women in Clothes is a collection of essays and conversations by women from around the world about clothing – what we wear, how we wear it, why we wear it and what it all means.

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imagesWe used to live in a world where people cared about how they dressed. I am shocked how often I will be out somewhere, whether on a street or in a restaurant, and I see only a handful of people who seem dressed appropriately, and even fewer dressed beautifully.

Linda Przybyszewski, associate professor of history at University of Notre Dame and author of The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish (Basic Books, 2014).

Watch for my review of this book, coming soon.

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