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IMG_20151122_111813227While visiting Portland, Oregon last month I of course popped in to my favorite boutique, FlairWalk. Located in the Pearl District, FlairWalk offers an array of quality fashions for women and the proprietor just happens to be my good friend (since high school), Sara Weinstein. I remember back in the day spending hours chatting with Sara about the fashions of the times. (A particular lengthy discussion was had about baggy pants – very avant-garde. Do we or don’t we? We did!)

Speaking of friends, I found a new one at FlairWalk in the form of an infinity scarf by Mycra Pac. My new friend is in the color of the season, merlot. She is oh so SOFT, like the fur on the tail of a Maine Coon cat. But she’s longer than a tail; I can wrap her around my neck three times. The look is super chic, feeling very Art Deco, and dramatic, prompting more than a few double takes.

Let’s hear it for friends, both old and new!

Hey, need a holiday gift? A dress for the season? Shop online with FlairWalk (they offer free shipping) or if you’re in town stop by – 402 NW 12th Ave., Portland, OR. Tell Sara I sent you.



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The Mallory Lace Dress by Corey Lynn Calter available at FlairWalk.

When I was growing up, each Christmas my father treated me to a new velvet dress to wear to The Nutcracker. He and I would have a festive dinner out, just the two of us, and then enjoy the wondrous world of dancing soldiers, fairies, and my favorite – the Mouse King.

The holidays remind me of the excitement of a new dress. I like what I see at FlairWalk – lots of  lace, bold prints, easy-to-wear silhouettes by designers such as Lesley Evers, Francis, and more. 

Who couldn’t use a new dress for Christmas Eve? New Year’s? Or hey, just because. FlairWalk has many holiday styles on sale for up to 50% off. What a gift!

Speaking of gifts, here’s the perfect little stocking stuffer by Envirosax. These reusable bags keep us toting in style and not adding to the landfill. That’s a double gift.

Want one more? Free shipping.

It’s gifts galore at FlairWalk.

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Sara is sporting the Pan-Am Coat by Trina Turk. Photo courtesy of FlairWalk.

Fall fashions are in full swing so let’s check in with Sara, Chief Style Officer of the popular online boutique – FlairWalk.

What’s hot for fall 2011? Coats. “Coats have been really strong this season with use of colors and different patterns and textures of fabric,” says Sara. francis is showing bright colors like red and yellow. Beth Bowley is going for a little ooh la la with a Jacquard black lace coat while also offering a classic tweed style. Trina Turk is going retro with her jet setting Pam-Am coat.  

According to Sara, many of these coats are stand alone pieces that are not just about warmth but also add a lot of pizzaz to any outfit.

Sara from FlairWalk rocks this 60s-inspired dress by francis. Photo courtesy of FlairWalk.

Dresses are big this season with 60s motifs such as block colors and elbow length sleeves. Trina Turk, francis, and Corey Lynn Calter are all showing 60s-inspired dresses.

Handbags are still a seasonal must-buy. Just like in the 60s, women are now changing their handbags to coordinate with their outfits. Popular lines are Desigual and Desigual Lacroix.

A new designer for FlairWalk this fall is Yoana Baraschi. Sara is excited by the cosmopolitan feel to this line. “The Yoana Baraschi look is very New York to me,” explains Sara. The slim silhouettes and simple lines say easy city-chic.

Thanks, Sara, for a  taste of fall 2011. To see the designers Sara mentions visit FlairWalk. Once there you will also find Sara’s style tips, FlairWalk videos, and so much more fashion fun.

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When it comes to staying stylish, modern women cry out for a combination of three things:

  • fashion
  • comfort
  • convenience

Ladies, the cry has been answered with – FlairWalk – a new online boutique for women. Launched in May, FlairWalk offers clothing, accessories, and gift items handpicked by proprietor Sara Weinstein.   

Sara knows a lot about wholesale and retail business. For 15 years she represented some of the nation’s leading specialty educational toy companies, a position that provided the flexibility she desired to raise her son. Now with Zach off to college in Los Angeles, Sara felt it was time to start her own business.  

Sara Weinstein, proprietor of FlairWalk. Photo by Horace Long Photography.

I caught up with Sara shortly after the website launch for a little fashion chat:

Sara, what inspired you to start your own business in fashion?

I have always wanted to have my own business but decided to wait until my son was in college. Running a business is very time-consuming and I didn’t want it to interfere with any important mom things. I chose fashion because, quite simply –  fashion is a passion of mine, and I really enjoy color and design.

You have handpicked 16 designers from around the world to feature on FlairWalk, how did you find them?

I started with designers that I own myself and have found fashionable, comfortable and versatile, such as Trina Turk, Desigual and Sobral.  I often receive compliments from friends and strangers alike when I wear these lines.
How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is classic with some edge (or “va voom”) to it.  I try to buy pieces that take little effort and pair them with other pieces to make a fantastic looking outfit!  I also try to buy things that can be dressed up or down, for example a dress that can be worn with a flat black sandal for a more casual look with minimal makeup or worn with a high heel sandal with more makeup for a dressy, dramatic look.  

What qualities do you look for in a designer for FlairWalk?

I look for designers who offer quality in design and craftmanship as well as color choice, appropriate fit, versatility of garment, my perceived desirability to women and if I think it will look good on a variety of women (short, tall, blond, brunette, slim, medium build, etc.).

You have a section called FlairPick where you feature a “real” woman modeling some of your merchandise. What’s the thought behind that?

When I was coming up for the idea for the site, I thought of using “real women” for the FlairPick section because I think society puts so much pressure on women to look a certain way – mostly tall, thin and young –  and that is unrealistic for most women. By using real women FlairWalk is highlighting the fact that all women can look great just the way they individually are. 

How does FlairWalk differ from other online women’s boutiques?

FlairWalk keeps in mind how busy women are these days, working or non-working, with children or without. We offer clothing, accessories and small gifts that are very easy, and make women’s lives simpler.

When you say easy, what do you mean?

By “easy” I mean that one can put it on and look great!  It doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out what looks good with it.  Also “easy”  is that the piece of clothing that will go with different items, such as work pants or jeans, and be part of different outfits.

Speaking of easy, not only is the website easy to negotiate but it’s very friendly, like a personal shopper or a shopping buddy. Do you envision FlairWalk this way?

Oh good, I’m happy to hear you say that. Yes, it was one of the goals when creating the website that it had a warm and friendly feel.

Thank you, Sara. Best of luck and I’ll be back in touch for FlairWalk updates.

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