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Hair von Katja Spitzer

Did you know that out of 100 people, only two or three are natural redheads? In Scotland and Ireland one out of ten people is a redhead. Go redheads!

There are more hair facts to read in Katja Spizter’s new illustrated book, Hair: From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows (Prestel Press). Hair is complicated, but Ms. Spitzer has approached the subject head on (pun intended), briefly covering the history of hair and hairstyles from various cultures. The text is straight forward, aimed at young readers 5-7. The fun and color-saturated illustrations are appealing to all ages.

Ms. Spitzer is a Berlin based freelance illustrator. She’s won many awards and has exhibited her artwork in Germany and the UK.

I truly enjoyed this book for the information, the illustrations, and the celebration of all hairstyles from braids to beards. I think kids will love Ms. Spitzer’s Hair and perhaps find a style in her illustrations that they want to sport themselves.

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Illustration by Katja Spitzer from Hair: From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows. Prestel Press

Even though Native North American tribes had been using the Mohican for over 2,000 years, most people in 1970s London had never seen a hairstyle like this. That’s why the punks, with their heads shaves except for a narrow strip of hair from the forehead to the nape of the neck, shocked so many older Londoners at that time. Their crazy hairstyles, holey T-shirts, studded leather jackets and jewelry made from safety pins became a style that still influences fashion, art, and music to this day.

From Hair: From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows, by Katja Spitzer.

Come back to ODFL tomorrow for my review of this clever children’s book all about hair.

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The classic bob gets an update. 

Who doesn’t love a Sassoon cut? Sharp and precise, any woman looks tres chic after a visit to a Sassoon Salon.

In the 1960s British hairstylist Vidal Sassoon ushered in a new approach to hair-styling moving women away from “cut and set” to “wash and wear.” Inspired by European architecture, Sassoon played with angular shaping, creating new bobs and pixie cuts. Clients such as fashion designer Mary Quant and actress Mia Farrow praised the coifs and it wasn’t long before Sassoon opened salons in the UK and America, developing a unique styling technique.

The iconic styling continues. Today trained Sassoon stylists build on the original ideas to create modern new looks.

OverDressedforLife is excited to post this Q&A with Michael Forrey, Senior Creative Director at Sassoon Salon San Francisco and Nathan Booth, Color Director at Sassoon Salon San Francisco.


New style selection from the Mondaine line. 

Please describe Sassoon’s new Mondaine line of cuts? 

For MONDAINE, the Sassoon house codes of line, graduation and disconnection are used to create the feel of hair in motion. Fronts are long and loose, layered through from the crown creating versatile cuts that can be worn in different ways. Colours are multi-tonal, adding depth and shine to solid shapes, others concealed and convertible, designed to work with the parting of the hair to reveal slight-of-hand shades on the left or the right. Michael Forrey

The 1920s bob is an option – how have you updated the look? 

We have updated the look by using disconnection— incorporating hidden layers within the hair that create movement, giving the shape a much leaner silhouette. Classically those shapes could sit very heavy on the face shape and only be appropriate for curtain textures. Although it is still about suitability, these panels of disconnection also create more versatility in the style. For example, if you part the hair one way you get more of a one length feel, while parted the other you get a very layered effect. What makes it classic looking or twenties is the length and over all balance. Michael Forrey

You say Mondaine is in keeping with the move toward anti-fashion – in what way?

The anti-fashion movement is a celebration of individuality and authenticity. To make an anti-fashion statement within hair design, each individual must emphasize what makes them unique and this is the same for Sassoon. His founding approach to hair design was innovative. Today, we still follow his principles to ensure each client receives an entirely bespoke hair design experience. Michael Forrey

You also say that you have been inspired by Christobel Balenciaga – please explain. 

Cristobal Balenciaga who, just like Vidal Sassoon, was obsessed with the different ways material could be cut and constructed. Balenciaga cut sleeves in a way that would show an elegant display of wrist and hands. Vidal cut lines in hair that perfectly accentuated his clients’ best features. We saw a natural link between Balenciaga’s austere architectural shapes and bold color combinations and Vidal Sassoon’s obsession with the cut and construction of materials and this link was the inspiration behind the styling of the MONDAINE Salon Collection. Michael Forrey

Sassoon is known for fabulously straight styles but what if you have wavy hair and want to keep it, can that be accommodated? 

 Yes! Absolutely! That’s the biggest misconception of Sassoon. We have talented stylists that are trained to work with all natural hair textures — including curly and afro. Curly and afro textures have played a huge part in our collections and throughout our history. Michael Forrey

I love that copper red – tell us about color choices and how they work with the new cuts. 

Colors are multi-tonal and placed in a way that works with the hair’s parting. The palette of colors currently inspiring our looks are made up of rich coppers accented with softer gold tones or bold tangerines. Darker cool browns have highlights of caramels and deep navy blues. On the lighter side, natural blondes are paired with crisp white, iridescent lavenders and subtle golden blonde tones. The key is to have the placement work within the shape of the cut. It’s about precise weaving and slicing techniques. Nathan Booth

What might a new client to Sassoon expect at her first appointment?

A new client can expect a detailed consultation with our highly skilled creative cutters and color specialists that will advise the client on a personalized look to suit their lifestyle and complement their individuality. We are all about creating a look for the individual by working with their natural shape, balance and texture. The release of our two seasonal hair collections each year ensures that our team is at the forefront in hair trends to provide a quality of work for all of our clients. Michael Forrey

A big thank you to Michael and Nathan.

Ladies. looking for a new do for the holidays? Want to start 2018 afresh? How about a new twist to the classic bob? (I ask myself!)

Give Sassoon in San Francisco a try. Consultations are complementary. Sassoon Salon, 359 Sutter Street.

For the holidays Sassoon Salon is offering Davines Holiday Gift Boxes which include a shampoo, conditioner and you receive a full size bottle of Oi Milk ($32 value).

Follow Sassoon Salon on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sassoonsalonnorthamerica/


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