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IMG_0490It’s true, I tend to treat myself to a few wonderful sartorial things a year. Perhaps something custom-made or handcrafted to add to my wardrobe, but I keep it to pieces I need and rarely do I indulge in a luxury brand item.

Then one day an e-mail popped up from Hermès. I’ve always admired the craft of the Hermès scarf, if not the motifs, which are a little busy. Still, the layers of color and the screen-printing all done by hand … I love the whole idea. I was happy just to look until that e-mail arrived showing off their latest silk twill pocket square with the oh-so 1920s and 30s looking women, sporty, and in autumn colors. A pocket square is quite a bit smaller than a scarf but large enough to wear and within my price range. I had to have it, although, I kept to my long tradition of sleeping on any expensive purchase.

At first I thought I wanted to make a special occasion of it and journey over to San Francisco to the Hermès boutique and get the whole luxury shopping experience. However, having to work to afford the lovely accessory, I soon let go of that and ordered online. Within days the package arrived with a card that said: To Me from Me, just because.

I was all happy smiles slowly untying the brown ribbon from the signature orange box. Peeling back the delicate tissue paper I delighted in seeing my new pocket square nicely folded in quarters. As expected, it is rich in color and finely detailed with rolled edges that were hand sewn and done so in France, merci beaucoup!


I haven’t worn it yet but I look forward to doing so this autumn.

Hey, readers, have you treated yourself lately? Leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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