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I’m probably in the minority on this one, but I didn’t care much for Lady Gaga’s Inauguration … hmm, what should I call it? Outfit? Costume? Skirt and top? Ball gown?

Whatever we call the Schiaparelli brand ensemble, it was inappropriate for the occasion. Or at least half of it was.

Hear me out.

I know that Lady Gaga likes a grand entrance. She likes outrageous costumes and I think that’s fine for one of her concerts but for the Inauguration of the United States President, tailored pieces are more appropriate than oversized skirts.

I thought the navy jacket and large gilded dove brooch were spot on; her lovely voice and updated, heartfelt rendition of The Star Spangle Banner were stunning, and she looked beautiful. However, the skirt, made of layers of red silk faille, was too voluminous, it took up too much room and looked awkward on that crowded platform.

A skirt like that would be just the thing for the opening night of the opera, the Costume Institute Gala, the Inaugural Ball had there been one. Any formal nighttime event with ample space where its fullness can spread and fill and be completely seen and enjoyed.

Ballgowns (that’s what this was) are not for daytime events. I would have preferred a pencil skirt, perhaps in the same navy fabric as the jacket or in red for a more splashy Lady Gaga look. To keep with her quirkiness, some fabulous vintage shoes – 40s slingbacks or Oxfords with a heel – and a pair of gloves with red embroidered tips as a nod to the original Schiaparelli.

Still, as I said Lady Gaga looked lovely (waist up) and I really appreciated hearing her sing our national anthem with such heart.

Agree? Disagree? I welcome any polite comments from ODFL readers.

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I think the new mode for the decade is to just miss the gala. If it’s a charity, send the check, get dressed up, and stay in.

Isaac Mizrahi, American fashion designer.

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris will become our 49th vice-president. There is much to celebrate but in the midst of a pandemic and the need for extra security, Inauguration Day festivities will be scaled-down with fewer attendees and a virtual parade. Most likely there won’t be the usual galas. Following the swearing-in ceremony (11am EST) President Biden will address the country from the United States Capitol.

I know we’re all hoping for a safe and smooth transition.

The evening before the Inauguration at 5:30 EST there will be a lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool to honor the more than 375,000 Americans who have lost their lives to Covid-19. The entire nation is invited to light up buildings and ring bells in a (much needed) moment of “unity and remembrance.”

We are encouraged to celebrate Inauguration Day safely at home. I intend to take Mr. Mizrahi’s advice and stay in, dress up for the occasion, and make out a check to my favorite charity. That seems like a fitting way to start anew with our new leader.

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