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ira-neimarkStudents have to learn that when they go into the business world, the first impression is what you look like. It might be better to learn right now, from me, rather than when they’re out there hunting for a job. It’s important that standards be set on how young people  behave and present themselves.

– Ira Neimark, Former CEO of Bergdof Goodman

At 91 Mr. Neimark gives lectures to college students. He has one rule for every lecture – no students in jeans, t-shirts or any other sloppy clothing. Mr. Neimark insists young men show up in a shirt, tie, and jacket. Young women also have to step-up their appearance and sport a dress or suit.

In addition to lecturing Mr. Neimark has written three books on retail business including: The Rise of Fashion, Crossing Fifth Avenue to Bergdof Goodman, and the latest – A Retailer’s Lifetime of Lessons Learned.

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