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On the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City we are looking back at one of my favorite style moments in Unoriginal Sin (season five, episode two, 2002). Recap: Miranda has asked Carrie to be Brady’s godmother but Carrie is feeling unfit for the job. It doesn’t help that Charlotte tells her she’s becoming cynical. This is also when Carrie finds out that a publisher is interested in a book deal. (Yes, I know my S&TC pretty darn well!)

In one outside autumn scene with Charlotte, Carrie is sporting a sweater that I adore. It’s a beige shade with a turquoise C  in the middle. Simple but oh-so charming and I really like the odd color combination.  I’m also a big fan of initials. She’s paired that with a plaid cap, which suits her face. The heart brooch is a nice touch and we see it repeated throughout the season.

I found out recently that this sweater was part of an Isaac Mizrahi collection back in the day. Sara Jessica Parker called up Mizrahi and asked to use this sweater in the show. Later in 2016 it was part of his retrospective exhibit at The Jewish Museum in NYC. 

Readers, are you/were you a fashion fan of S&TC? What were some of your favorite looks from the show?

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IMG_20170423_111916977Isaac Mizrahi designs really stylish clothes with a reasonable price tag. Not cheap like H&M and Zara, but say $35 for a cotton t-shirt, $75 for a dress, $50 for pants. His look is part preppy, part hip and all surprisingly well constructed.

His line is made in China, which to me, in the past, meant junk. But I have learned that what comes out of China varies in quality. For Isaac Mizrahi the people doing the sewing are skilled and someone cares about quality control.

I wonder about all that. Are the seamstress paid well? How are the working conditions?

Fashion Revolution Week is an opportunity to think about these things and ask questions.

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Fashion’s Night Out is the gateway to the season.

Clothing designer Isaac Mizrahi.

We have a new fall fashion tradition and it’s called Fashion’s Night Out. Now in its fourth year, FNO was created by Vogue editor Anna Wintour to support the fashion industry, or put another way – to push sales. This year’s spectacle event is set for Thursday, September 6th.

Initially FNO was a one night fashion sales frenzy in Manhattan but it has quickly spread across the globe as big city retailers sign on. To participate shops must apply and fork out $250 and make all kinds of promises including to sell merchandise at full price.

In Manhattan, designers as well as artists, models, and Anna Wintour herself will add a touch of glamour to the night as they hop around town appearing at shops large and small. Word is that this year “The Biebs” will show up somewhere in the city. Similar scenarios will take place around the country and the world including Brazil, Russia, and Turkey.

I’m conflicted about FNO. It does sound like fun and I’m all for supporting the fashion industry, but I don’t care for the heavy commercialism surrounding this event. (Interestingly, I read last year in Women’s Wear Daily that sales were not strong. People came out to spot celebrities but kept a tight grip on their money.)

Personally, I’d prefer a night of just fashion: Events such as lectures on great designers of the past; talks on how to put an outfit together; perhaps a designer Q&A panel. The industry could afford to invest in a little education and inspiration and actually, that might have better returns in the long run.

Wow! I like this idea. Anna, are you listening?

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