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BOF-JW-9211-CropIn fashion today, yes it’s about clothing, but fundamentally, we live in a world now that demands a global picture. It entails the image. You know, who is the person? What is the cultural environment around that character? I think people want that more. They don’t want the bag without the story; they don’t want the shoe without the story, they don’t want the dress without the story.

– Irish-born fashion designer, J.W. Anderson.

If I’m understanding Mr. Anderson correctly, and I’m not sure that I am, he’s suggesting that fashionables now want what they buy and what they wear to give them their story, their personality. I suppose that’s Lifestyle Branding and it requires a certain approach to design. If we choose Chanel, that says something – if we choose Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, J.W. Anderson and so on. It’s like joining a club and wearing a uniform. The designers do the thinking for us.

I agree that this is true and a current trend and it’s fine. I get the appeal of one-stop style shopping as well as the sense of belonging that a designer brand can provide. But personally, I prefer to mix it up and create my own story. I sport a lot of vintage, some of it my mother’s which has a personal story. I also like custom-made clothing and that also gives me control of the narrative. Most of all it’s important to me that no one else can wear my “story.”

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate designer fashion, I do and I use it for inspiration. But ultimately, it’s my own tale that I want to share.

How about you, my readers? Any thoughts?

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