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Jacqueline Durran costume for Anna Karenina.

Jacqueline Durran costume for Anna Karenina.

If you want to play into people’s idea of luxury, referencing the 1950s is useful. It was a good match, because the cinched waist, fitted bodices and big skirts were similar to the shapes of the 1870s.

British Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Ms. Durran explains why the 1950s influenced her costumes for the period film, Anna Karenina.

Last night Ms. Durran won Best Costume Design Oscar for Anna Karenina. Film costume followers will recall Ms. Durran’s 1930s emerald-green dress in Atonement, for which she was also nominated. Anna Karenina is her third nomination but first win.

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