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Jason Wu designed Michelle Obama's 2009 inaugural gown.

Mrs. Obama is the perfect example of someone who shows price is not a factor in looking great.

Jason Wu

I agree that one does not have to spend a lot of money to have style. Style comes from imagination and creativity and willingness to take risks. However, I do believe that quality is essential to style. No matter how sharp a garment may look, it’s a sloppy presentation if  threads are pulling, the hemline puckers, or the fabric is cheap. Consumers don’t have to spend a fortune to look great but they should consider quality a priority. I have found quality clothing at Target (I still wear a favorite sweater I bought from Target ten years ago) and schlock at Saks.

I recommend shoppers take a good look at how a garment is made.

  • What’s the stitching like?
  • How much fabric is in the hem?
  • Is the hemline straight?
  • How does the fabric feel?
  • How is the fit?

There used to be a time when shoppers expected even inexpensive clothing to be properly constructed and made to last, but not anymore. Perhaps it’s time we raise our standards.

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