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Interview-Julie-de-Libran-la-styliste-qui-a-redynamise-la-maison-RykielWhat’ he’s doing at Marni feels more than what the big brands are doing. We have too many clothes, and it’s wonderful to see a young designer giving value to things, making them less throwaway, adding a story to the workmanship. 


Julie de Libran, creative director at Sonia Rykiel.,

Ms. de Libran is speaking about Marni creative director, Francesco Risso (W magazine, v. 2 2019).

This comment reminds me a of recent conversation I had with my mother. We were taking about boots. I said I had three pair, each very different  for different looks/purposes. They were expensive but simple. I take care of them and continue to wear them season after season. She said that she also preferred quality over quantity. “I’d rather have fewer things but always good quality.”

Quality, value, story. Nothing cheap. No more throwaway. Is there a shift in our fashionable future?



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