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no_fur_logoThere is so much innovation going on now with faux-fur textiles that it just feels like a more modern fabric to work with. Also, young people today do not see real fur as a status symbol – they define luxury as innovation and sustainability. And the new faux-fur textiles will get better. We are working on creating a bio-based faux fur with no polyester at all … we have created a faux fur made from 100 percent recycled ocean plastics. 

Kym Canter, founder and CEO of House of Fluff.

Ms. Canter, a fashion industry insider for over 20 years, decided that she could no longer in good conscience wear real fur. But she couldn’t find a quality alternative so she sold her collection of 26 fur coats (I wonder to whom?) and started a new faux fur business with an eye for good design and luxe, sustainable faux-fur textiles.

Designers such as Gucci, Michael Kors, and Versace have gone fur-free – an indication that real fur is indeed OUT. Hopefully this time for good!


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