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Catherine Middleton is not the first princess bride to keep her wedding dress a secret. Lady Diana Spencer also kept her frock under wraps, which required fake clues given to the press, a code name and around-the-clock security.

In 1981 Princess Diana's wedding dress and all her bridesmaids dresses cost a mere $1700.

The now iconic dress was designed by the London design team, David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Apparently Diana had seen one of their blouses and asked them to do a few sketches. The dress itself is early Victorian inspired with large puffy sleeves and a full tulle petticoat. It’s made of cream silk taffeta with bows, lace, and pearl detailing. Today the dress is exhibited around the world. During the summer the dress returns to the Spencer Althorp Estate  for display.  

The Emanuels designed the frock thinking fairytale princess and happily ever after. They also needed to create something that wouldn’t get lost in the expansiveness of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Hence the train … 25 feet of train.

So what will Kate’s dress be like? Something modern no doubt, perhaps sleek without a lot of frills. Will she wear white? Diana wore the Spencer tiara – Kate doesn’t have one of those but perhaps a tiara will be the something borrowed. Or she might go with her favored fascinator. The speculations are endless and all part of the fun leading up to the big day.

What do you think, readers? What would you like to see Kate wearing?

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