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Neatly written on my London To Do List: Fabric at Liberty London.

Located on Regent Street in a 1920s Tutor-revival building, Liberty London is a world-famous department store known for fabulous fabrics. What better a souvenir from my travels than a yard of beautiful fabric?

Liberty & Co. was opened in 1875 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, a former shop manager with a fondness for Eastern arts. Initially Mr. Liberty imported antique furnishings and fabrics but over time demand increased and quality dropped. So, he commissioned London artists to design original furnishings, housewares, and fabrics. Soon Liberty became known for a distinctive style influence by the English Arts and Crafts aesthetic.

My search on a cold November afternoon was short and oh-so-sweet. The store was packed with holiday shoppers and tourists but staying focussed, I wove my way up the creaky staircase to the third floor where I met an abundance of fabrics. I knew I wanted something simple with a color combination suitable for year-round wear. A lot of the selection was floral and paisley patterns in a bright palette. I circled once, twice and on the third round I chose a lovely cotton floral in orange and grayish black (pictured above).

Now my fabric is in the hands of the very talented designer/seamstress, Theresa LaQuey. Working her magic (and sewing machine) Ms. LaQuey is creating a vintage-style button down blouse. I’m also having made a pair of 1930s style wool pants (fabric bought at Stonemountain & Daughter) to complete the outfit, which I’m calling The Londoner.

Stay tuned for photos.

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