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I feel people who don’t know anything about high fashion like Lindsey … she really does look like an old dusty librarian. 

This is a comment made by contestant Blake Patterson on last week’s episode of Project Runway.

What Blake is referring to is Lindsey Creel’s design for the current challenge and he’s right. But still, there are aspects to the outfit that I like. So I thought I’d write about it.

Lindsey Creel's design for Project Runway, episode 4.

Lindsey Creel’s design for Project Runway, episode 4.

First of all this is the best Lindsey has come up with so far. What I think works about the outfit is the coral-red jacket pops against the neutral colors of the two-piece. The texture in the two-piece gives interest but unfortunately it’s also a problem in that the fabric is too heavy. (Heidi pointed out that it looks like “furniture fabric.”) The skirt is way too long and even though I am not a fan of super short skirts, I think Lindsey needed to go in that direction to avoid this dowdy look that the fabric and the longer hemline lean into.  And those clunky shoes just drag the whole things down even more. Had she shortened the skirt and made the jacket longer, like a duster, and styled with perhaps a pair of high heel ankle boots then at least she’d have created a contrary look with that difficult fabric.


Lindsey usually sports a plaid shirt paired with a statement necklace.

What Blake says is true, if Lindsey knew anything about high fashion (or proportions) she wouldn’t have made what he and I consider these mistakes. I do wonder if perhaps she’s a little Anti-fashion.

But, in her favor, Lindsey took a risk with the use of that fabric (did she intend to?) and what she designed was very much her POV – two things the judges harp on. I think the girl really is a bit of a librarian – she seems smart and bookish and damn, can she pull off that little old lady chain around her glasses! She reminds me of the character Cassidy Finch in the television show The Middle.

Cassidy Finch from The Middle.

Cassidy Finch from The Middle.

I think it was taking the risk that saved Lindsey last week. Even though the judges didn’t like the way it turned out and she was in the bottom three, she’s still with us and I look forward to seeing if she can find a way to make Old Dusty Librarian chic.

For all the librarians out there, go Lindsey!

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