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20150601__AP-US-Bruce-Jenner-Call-Me-Cai~p1_300Back in the day he was a good looking guy. Today she’s got the bucks to be a good looking woman. This week former Bruce Jenner hit the cover of Vanity Fair as Caitlyn Jenner and now WWD is reporting that there are rumblings in the fashion and cosmetic industries about signing Caitlyn up for some smart marketing. MAC is among the most likely, given their history of edgy campaigns. Apparently, they have already approached her but nothing is set yet. A company spokesman said: MAC is a brand that embraces all ages, all races and all sexes and is a longstanding supporter of the LGBT community. We are inspired by Caitlyn Jenner and her personal journey and we admire her courage and beauty. 

For the VF photo shoot, Caitlyn sported DKNY and Zac Posen. Annie Leibovitz was the photographer.

Celebrity and hype, money and glamour – key factors in fashion. But that aside, I tip my hat to Caitlyn and I look forward to watching her develop her sense of style.

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