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That’s the biggest joy that I get out of knitting. You can go from a ball of yarn to a beautiful hat, or scarf, or vest, or anything you want.

Michelle Obama – America’s former First Lady.

This quote is from a conversation with Ms. Obama and Shayna Rose in Vogue Knitting Magazine, Winter 2021/22.

Ms. Obama picked up the needles at the start of the Pandemic in 2020 and taught herself how to knit looking at YouTube videos. Since then, she’s mastered hats and gloves and she even knit a sweater for her husband. I’d love to see him wearing it!

Ms. Rose is a fifteen-year-old knitter/crafter who started her own newspaper, The Rose Reporter, when she was eight, soon thereafter becoming known for her celebrity interviews with personalities such as Julie Andrews and Gene Simmons.

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Voting is so much bigger than one election, one party, or one candidate. It’s great to feel inspired by candidates and the visions they put forth, but it is by no means a prerequisite to casting a ballot. Because at the end of the day, someone is going to be making the decisions about how much money your school gets and how tax money is distributed. Voting gives you a say in those matters.

Michelle Obama, former First Lady.

If you haven’t voted already, one week to go. Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

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El Museo Del Barrio 2016 Pre-Gala Bash

The lovely Isabel Toledo (1961-2019). Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images.

This week fashion designer Isabel Toledo died of breast cancer. What a loss!

I was a fan of Ms. Toledo, who as a teenager immigrated with her family from Cuba to the US. She and her husband, artist Ruben Toledo, moved to New York City in the 1980s hitting the pavement and knocking on department store doors looking for a place to sell their avant-garde fashions.




Michelle Obama wears Isabel Toledo for the 2009 presidential inauguration. 

Ms. Toledo made fashion fame in 2009 when she designed Michelle Obama’s inaugural outfit – a shift dress and coat in what she called lemon grass. I recall reading in her memoir (Roots of Style: Weaving Together Life, Love, & Fashion) that they knew it was going to be freezing cold in Washington that day so they sewed layers of padding in the wool coat.

Prior to that in the 1990s, she shunned corporate driven fashion shows working instead with museums. Although she remained an independent designer, for a short time she was creative director for Anne Klein and designed a line of shoes for Payless and fashions for Lane Bryant.

What I like about Isabel Toledo’s designs is her use of textured fabrics and off colors. She was a unique creative spirit and how sad for us that she is gone.

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Inauguration Day, 2009. Michelle Obama looking lovely in a dress suit by American  designer Isabel Toledo. 

Sometime during Barack’s campaign, people began paying attention to my clothes. Or at least the media paid attention, which provoked all manner of commentary across the internet. My pearls, my belts, my cardigans, my off-the-rack dresses from J.Crew, my apparently brave choice of white for an inaugurate gown – all seemed to trigger a slew of opinions and instant feedback … It seemed that my clothes mattered more to people than anything I had to say. 

Michelle Obama, attorney, mother, and former First Lady of the United States.

This quote is from Ms. Obama’s just released memoir, Becoming (Crown Publishing Group).

Michelle Obama was and still is the epitome of grace and style. But it’s not just the clothes she chooses to wear that make her such, it is her generous spirit, her confidence, and intelligence. What an excellent role model she was as First Lady and continues to be as an American working woman.

Fifteen days after publication, Becoming has sold more than two million copies proving that, indeed, what Michelle Obama has to say matters.

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Our lovely First Lady, Michelle Obama speaking at Operation Fashion.

Our lovely First Lady, Michelle Obama speaking at Operation Fashion.

Fashion is about so much more than just a pretty pair of pumps or the perfect hemline. For so many people across the country it is a calling, it is a career, and it’s a way they feed their families.

– First Lady Michelle Obama, who in October hosted a fashion industry event at the White House.

Called Operation Fashion, the event brought together designers, design students, and high-profile workers in the fashion industry for a full day of workshops, networking, panels, and speeches. Attendees included Vogue editor Anna Wintour and designer Diane von Furstenberg.

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Jewelry by The Buttonist. Bohemian Glass buttons from the 1920s to 1950s handset in sterling silver.

The Buttonist, Sarah Durling, will be showing her wonderful button jewelry this Sunday, December 2nd at the Alameda Point Antique Faire, booth C-23.

Sarah collects antique and vintage buttons from around the world and designs bracelets, pendants, rings, and earrings. Handset into sterling silver, each piece is one-of-a-kind.

Among the many fans of The Buttonist is Michelle Obama. Sarah designed a special bracelet for our stylish First Lady. Read all about it on The Buttonist Blog.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Sarah (she’s here from England) and see new pieces created for the holiday season.

Can’t make it? Not to worry, there’s a website.


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Jason Wu designed Michelle Obama's 2009 inaugural gown.

Mrs. Obama is the perfect example of someone who shows price is not a factor in looking great.

Jason Wu

I agree that one does not have to spend a lot of money to have style. Style comes from imagination and creativity and willingness to take risks. However, I do believe that quality is essential to style. No matter how sharp a garment may look, it’s a sloppy presentation if  threads are pulling, the hemline puckers, or the fabric is cheap. Consumers don’t have to spend a fortune to look great but they should consider quality a priority. I have found quality clothing at Target (I still wear a favorite sweater I bought from Target ten years ago) and schlock at Saks.

I recommend shoppers take a good look at how a garment is made.

  • What’s the stitching like?
  • How much fabric is in the hem?
  • Is the hemline straight?
  • How does the fabric feel?
  • How is the fit?

There used to be a time when shoppers expected even inexpensive clothing to be properly constructed and made to last, but not anymore. Perhaps it’s time we raise our standards.

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President and Mrs. Obama meet William and Catherine the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Photo: AP

Didn’t I just report that William and Catherine were on a two-year hiatus from royal duties? Thanks for making a liar out of me, you two. Anyway, today the handsome British couple met our handsome American couple, President and Mrs. Obama. Buckingham Palace is the latest stop for the Obamas on their European tour.

The last time Mrs. Obama visited the Royals in London she was dressed too casually in a skirt and cardie, but for her latest visit she looks lovely sporting a floral silk dress by American designer, Barbara Tfank. I’m not a fan of the bright pink bolero – either the color or the shape. The sheen of the fabric and bolero style feels more evening than afternoon.  The pink is very little girl, particularly paired with the full skirt of the dress. A dusty rose fitted jacket would have been more sophisticated. Interesting to note that Mrs. Obama isn’t carrying a handbag.

Going through all the photos, I notice Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, and Catherine all clutching handbags, but not our First Lady. Without a bag, her outfit looks incomplete. But I have to admit that I’m a  lady who likes her handbags.

Catherine looks (very) slim in a tan sheath from the British shop, Reiss. The dress has a lot of origami type folds and overlaps, which to pull off requires a tall and super slender figure. Catherine is carrying a small black clutch evening bag and she’s wearing simple black pumps.  Her choice of simplicity is a complete contrast to Mrs. Obama.

The gentlemen are dashing in their suits. William is sporting a white pocket square, always a smart fashion touch. President Obama is in navy blue with a burgundy tie and the American flag pin on his lapel. Nice, Mr. President.  

The ladies match the room. Photo: AP

Extra points to the ladies for coordinating their fashion colors with that of the room.


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