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Catherine Middletons Coat of Arms. Image courtesy of the Press Association.

The Middletons now have a Coat of Arms and a lovely one it is.

A Coat of Arms is a crest or set of images meant to identify an individual, family, corporation, or organization. The images chosen reflect the values and traits of the bearer. In Britain, The College of Arms regulates the dispensation of such an honor. (Not just anyone can get one, although, Donald Trump did).

Protocol dictates that the request be submitted by an individual on behalf of the family. Kate’s father made the request and the family worked closely with The College of Arms in the creation process.

  • The acorns symbolize the three Middleton children – Catherine, Philippa, and James.
  • The thick gold chevron is for Mrs. Middleton’s maiden name – Goldsmith (We can hear Granny Goldsmith’s cries of joy from the grave.)
  • The thin white chevrons represent the mountains and outdoor activities the family enjoys together.
  • Blue and red are the colors of the United Kingdom flag.

(The Coat of Arms pictured above is Kate’s version, which has the addition of the blue ribbon that stands for “unmarried daughter.” Once she’s married to Prince William, another Coat of Arms will be created for her.)

Coat of Arms can be very busy with large animals and clashing colors, but the Middletons have created something simple and elegant. Using just a few images that are appealing and meaningful, their Coat of Arms says it with style.

So how might the Middletons don their Arms?  Most likely in the form of a signet ring. Apparently, it’s also acceptable to display one’s Arms on formal wear for special occasions. Such as, perhaps, a wedding?

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