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Ugliest handbag ever and among the most expensive. No wonder we’re looking elsewhere for the idea of luxury. (Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.)

Posting a photo of a designer handbag is no longer associated with the changing notion of luxury. What is considered to be a luxury today is time and travel, it’s wellness and well-cultured individuals. That’s the new currency.

Sarah Owen, senior editor and trend forecaster, WGSN.

I’ve always said that the ultimate luxury is time.

Ms. Owen is speaking about blogging trends. Many bloggers are now covering more than one subject. As millennials lean away from consumerism and toward experience, bloggers are giving up the focus on things (fashion) and posting more often on lifestyle topics such as cooking, parenting, travel, and health.

Readers are tired of daily fashion selfies and are more interested in posts about how bloggers are spending their time. It’s not about the stuff anymore … it’s about our story.


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