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Felix in his spiffy new sweater.

Every December I meet with a group of like-minded friends at Lovejoy’s Tea Room in San Francisco. Part of our tradition is to dress vintage (at least in a vintage hat) and exchange small gifts.

We just had our outing and one little gift is so sweet I  have to write about it. Kathleen hand-knit tiny tree ornament sweaters. As soon as I opened mine, I knew it wasn’t going to hang on my tree. Nope … it went on my little bear, Felix.

Felix is part of my miniature stuffed animal collection. He was a gift from my dad and the start of my collection way back when I was ten years old. He’s a Steiff and named after my dad whose middle name was Felix.

Thank you Kathleen for makin’ Felix look so darn dapper this holiday season.

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