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It’s been quite awhile since we visited Mom’s Closet. Let’s step inside for a little Halloween story. Click on the Mom’s Closet tab above and scroll down for “Spooky Halloween Wishes from Mom’s Closet.”

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My mom has (jokingly) started calling me “Mom” …  since she now needs a little more attention. So, I say let’s celebrate moms of all kinds.

Happy Mother’s Day from us to you!

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MG_8222_lowA more sophisticated client respects that linen will crease because it is indicative of its premium quality, much like a collector would appreciate the patina on an old vintage watch. 

Guglielmo Miani, CEO Larusmiani

Summer is approaching, get out your linen duds but leave the iron in the cupboard.

I chuckled when I read Mr. Miani’s quote in WWD, as it called to mind what my mother has always said about linen clothing – linen was meant to to be worn wrinkled … you can always tell a linen wrinkle, it has its own pattern.

Wrinkles used to drive me crazy, linen or not. I secretly thought Mom came up with that line because she didn’t like to iron. When I was a kid we had what we called The Ironing Drawer, which was overstuffed to the point of not being able to shut it closed. Among the cloth napkins and boys shirts was a favorite summer dress of mine. I outgrew that dress waiting for it to be ironed.

But now I think that Mom and Mr. Miani have a point; wrinkles are part of the charm of linen.



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Step into Mom’s Closet for a little early Mother’s Day celebration. https://overdressedforlife.com/moms-closet/mom-wants-buttons-sew-be-it/.


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It’s been some time since we’ve popped into Mom’s Closet. This visit is all about the carpet bag clutch:


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Mom peruses an issue of Vintage Life.

Mom peruses an issue of Vintage Life.

In my business I have witnessed how the superficial cover of clothes can become essential in trying times.

Betty Halbreich, personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman.

I know for myself (and probably my mother) that when life gets tough, I head straight to my closet for comfort. Clothes give me strength and they are something on which to focus when everything else is just too much.

This came home to me recently when my mother unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. Spending time with her there, in her hospital room, after exhaustive discussions with doctors about tests and medications, what to do and what not to do next, there would be silence. Then she’d pipe up with a sartorial topic  – anything from advice on formal wear to the current length of hemlines (too long and too short says Mom).

And off we’d go, escaping out of confusion and fear into our world of fashion. Superficial? Perhaps. But I say, Whatever gets you through the night, it’s alright, it’s alright.

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IMG_20141230_165417106Let’s step back into Mom’s Closet. Click here.

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