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From afar we wish all mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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My mom has (jokingly) started calling me “Mom” …  since she now needs a little more attention. So, I say let’s celebrate moms of all kinds.

Happy Mother’s Day from us to you!

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Together my mother and I have been through many a challenge, loss, and heartache. But we’ve had fun and funny times too. I admire Mom’s bright spirit and how she faces everything with grace and courage. She’s not angry or bitter. She laughs daily at the world and herself. My mother is an impressive pillar of strength.

Of course it goes without saying that Mom is my fashion role model. She has shown me how to be stylish yet unique, classic yet avant-garde. I like that she’s a master at taking current fashions mixing them up and making them uniquely her own.

The photo above was taken when I was around nine-years-old. Mom is wearing a dress-suit in one of her favorite colors – burgundy. You can just see the cream skirt which had a diagonal plaid. Around her neck she’s wearing her father’s Annapolis ring on a double gold chain. I’m sporting a silly face paired with a blue and white spring dress, which had a red ribbon belt. I remember I used to wear that dress with white tights and white patent leather Mary Janes. This must have been after a special occasion – perhaps a school choir performance.

No one loves us like our moms. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to all mothers!

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I love this photo … I’m not in it, but I love it. It’s a snapshot of a mother and daughter looking simply chic in their winter threads. Probably one of those spontaneous shots, not staged and therefore completely charming.

Meet mother Louise Hart and daughter Kristen Caven circa 1969 in Boulder, CO.  Kristen is five years old and she recalls of that moment:  “My knees were cold.”

Louise remembers that the caps and gloves were made from a soft Angora wool and she knit the caps herself. Kristen regrets losing hers.  

This is what Kristen has to say about her mother: Mom and I became a writing team after college and have written several books together! She is really my biggest hero. She has always been a bit of a world-saver since about the time this photo was taken. She “grew up” (as I grew up) to teach hundreds of thousands of other parents good parenting skills through her lectures and books.

Mom Louise:  Kristen and I have an amazing relationship – the opposite of what I had with my mother. I am so grateful and we are so blessed. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the wonderful woman Kristen would become, or the rich multi-faceted relationship we would have! Currently we are writing a book on how parents can prevent bullying in their children for Hazelden Publishing.

Happy Mother’s Day, Louise and Kristen!

Readers, come back to Over Dressed for Life this week for more mother and daughter stories.

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