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My mom has (jokingly) started calling me “Mom” …  since she now needs a little more attention. So, I say let’s celebrate moms of all kinds.

Happy Mother’s Day from us to you!


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Step into Mom’s Closet for a little early Mother’s Day celebration. https://overdressedforlife.com/moms-closet/mom-wants-buttons-sew-be-it/.


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A lovely mother daughter photograph taken in 2005.

Meet Mary Ann Irwin and her daughter Cera Byer.  Mother and daughter chose to go classic black for their special photo. Cera has styled her hair in a glamorous up-do with a smashing red rose, which matches her lipstick.  Mary Ann added a bit of color shading  to her ensemble with a blue gossamer over-blouse from India. The most striking accessory is, of course, their smiles.

Mary Ann says: I am a historian who writes and teaches. Cera is fearless, a born performer. Since the time she was little she has had complete command of her body, voice, nerves, craft. I wish I had a tenth of her grace under pressure.

Thank you, Mary Ann and Cera. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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This photo came to me from my friend Suzette Davidson. It’s was taken in 1957 in Vassalboro, Maine and includes left to right: Suzette’s Mom, Marjory Robbins Feeny with her mother Malvena Pearl Robbins holding Suzette’s older half-sister Robin Feeny and at the end is Suzette’s great-grandmother Edith Starrett Masse, who was the subject of Suzette’s senior thesis at Mills College.

Suzette says: My mother’s first husband, Joe Feeny, died of a heart attack when Mom was 3 months pregnant with Robin. Mom moved back in with her parents. She moved from Boston, back to the farm where she grew up, in Vassalboro, Maine. Robin was born in Maine. A few years after this photo of my family’s four generations of women was taken, my mother re-married a local widower who had three daughters. His name was Ronald Francois Lalime.

Marjory and Ronald went on to have two more children – Jody and Suzette.

Suzette adds – Mom is also an incredible cook. She was a dietician by trade,  who gave that up and built a beautiful gift shop on the coast of Maine. She ran the shop successfully for 20 years before her retirement.

The moms in our photo look so vibrant in various shades of blue. Marjory is very much of her era sporting a chic suit. Looks like she’s wearing a brooch that matches her earrings, which was also the done thing at the time.

Thank you, Suzette for sharing a bit of your family history with us. Please wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day from Over Dressed for Life.

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My stylish mom.

Time to get back into Mom’s Closet. Click on the Mom’s Closet tab above and read the latest installment – Mom Made the Top Ten on Huffington Post.

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