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Ralph Lauren US Olympic uniforms sport a Made in China label.

The iconic American designer Ralph Lauren has made a serious misstep by having the entire U.S. Olympic Team’s opening ceremony uniform made in China.

Does RL really think this is OK? Is the company that cheap? So far we don’t know what they think as there has been no direct comment on the issue.

What a waste of an opportunity to give a much-needed boost to local production as well as highlight the fact that clothing manufacturing in America is still possible and preferable. Beyond that, it’s a bad reflection on the Ralph Lauren company and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

Come on, American Olympic uniforms should be made in America. Period.  

Washington is up in arms with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggesting the pile of China-made uniforms be burned. Some American designs are also unhappy. Nanette Lapore, who proudly manufactures her women’s line in the U.S. shared her thoughts with CNN:  

It’s very disturbing because it completely could have been manufactured here in the United States in New York City or in any other city where there’s factories that still exist. And it’s frustrating for us because it’s a cause we’ve been fighting for, and we’ve been trying to raise awareness and trying to convince designers to move work back to our shores and stop off-shoring and start on-shoring. This would have been the perfect opportunity.
Although I have always been a fan of the Ralph Lauren style, the reality is that the line is not a fashion house it’s a big corporate brand. Sometimes corporate brands lose their focus while striving for big profits.
What a shame. Yes the uniform looks good, but it’s not made in America and like an ill-fitting suit, it feels all wrong.

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